IndieWeb Showcase: No Bikini (Short Film by Claudia Morgado Escanilla)

This is a movie with something important to say.

In today’s society, women are held to extremes everyday of their lives; from what makeup they wear, to what outfits they dawn, right down to how they walk, and talk,  and even think and act.

It’s so severe, that something as simple as glands used to nourish a baby, are sexualized to the point that a woman can’t even feed her offspring in public, without looks of disgust and stares by perverts washing over her and her child.

To the point, that a child can’t even be who they truly are, without them or the parents being criticized for it, just because it’s different and makes the uneducated masses uncomfortable.

No Bikini is a short film by Claudia Morgado Escanilla.

The film is about a little girl named Robin, who decides to spend her 6 Weeks at Swim Camp as a boy, to escape all of the pressures and stereotypes, and expectations of being a girl.

She does this, simply by not wearing the top portion of her bikini; being a little girl, no one was the wiser.

No Bikini

Facing the mini-adventures of her foghorn swim instructor (Mrs. Delaware), the diving board, and the competition for the Swim Champ metal, Robin goes on to have some of the most memorable days of her life (and even making a friend out of competition in the end).


What makes this film great is seeing Robin’s happiness and bliss without any boundaries, which makes us ask ourselves; What boundaries do we put on ourselves? What boundaries does society put on us? Why? How can we change that? 

This film is really a work of art in every sense, from the beautiful lighting and use of colors (both above and under water), to the simple dialogue and story line, to the warm, storyteller voice of the narrator; everything about this film is spectacular!

It’s only eight-and-a-half minutes, and I highly recommend you watch it.

It will warm your heart.


Click the picture above to see the film on Youtube! Don’t forget to share it with friends!

-Raven Vinnie

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